Long term care: Man with Blindness


 Blindness has left this man totally blind. Receiving a phone call on his touch button cell phone is all the connection he has with the outside world. Thank God for well wishers who take him to church twice a week. “Loneliness is the greatest enemy of my life”!, he says.  

Home Care: blind husband was her physiotherapist when she had her knee replacement!!


 A knee replacement has finally enabled this lady to walk around her home again and care for her blind husband. She had not been to church, market or anywhere for more than 3 years. their 5 sons and their families could not be there for her when she got her knee replacement; one was abroad. 

Dementia care after domestic violence damaged her brain


 Domestic violence left her brain damaged. She cannot stand noise. All she wanted was a blanket and a visit. So she got both. Long term care would do her a lot of good. 

Outreach: first beddings; next a house, maybe? Yes we can!!


 Pneumonia attacks are the norm for this dear lady. The drafty shanty and the old, dirty beddings tell it all. 2 sons do/can not care for 1 mother!!  First new beddings; next a house!! YES WE CAN!! 

Outreach: $150 alleviates chronic backache!!


 Nothing $150 cannot fix 😁😁!! From living and sleeping on a wooden chair to sleeping on a new bed with mattress and 2 blankets, cushions on her wooden chair and 1/2 a kilo of sugar for some black tea. 

5 sons: none helps! Need for Outreach Program


 5 sons have been unable to provide even food to eat for this lady and her husband. She goes from house to house begging for food and drink. 

Long Term Care: brain damage by medication


 This lady’s brain was damaged by wrong medication. Her 2 sons and husband can not manage her care at home much longer. She needs qualified 24 hour nursing care. Happy to receive 1/2 a kilo of sugar. 

OutreachProgram: Combating blindness one client at a time.


 For KSh. 10,500 this old man will be able to function again. He has been unable to function due to near blindness. He gets his glasses on Monday 19 April 2019 

Long Term Care: when one cannot transfer himself/herself.


 May no elder ever be rained upon for hours in end simply because no one was there to carry him/ her back inside. Occasional visits by well wishers is not enough when an elder cannot move him/herself from one surface to another.