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Stopping elder abuse

Our study in the two counties revealed that older people are abused socially, economically and psychologically due to failure to them their basic human rights. Legal and health rights, right to life and liberty, right to work and freedom from all forms of stigma and discrimination are all violated as  

Care for families affected by HIV/AIDS epidermic

The older people take care of orphans, relatives and partners who have HIV and AIDS as traditional birth attendants  and healers

Risks of infections due to lack of any protective gear

Economic drain on resources

Isolation and loneliness due to stigma associated with HIV and AIDS

Assumptions that older people are NOT sexually active and     

 therefore denying the AIDS education and putting them more at risk.

Older people lose their “carers” to AIDS.

Conflict and Emergencies

  Many societies are affected by the consequences of civil conflicts and natural disasters. Most of these conflicts are internal and they undermine the community structures thereby affecting civilians of all ages.

Unfortunately, the ability of the older people to cope with the emergencies is totally ignored with lack of understanding of their specials needs by any aid interventions.

Gender Issues

  It is recognized that historical and social-cultural by men in most societies has continued to have inter generational effect of women’s access to social, economic and political prosperity.

The majority of older people in almost every society are women who are more vulnerable to life time challenges. 

Older women are more widowed and live lonely lives and in poverty.

Older men tend to marry younger women. 

Men are more favored by the patriarchal structures in the society which result to a higher social economic status.

Problems associated with widowhood impact more on older women than older men i.e. being replaced with younger wives, difficulties in accessing basic needs among others

Discrimination and property laws impact more on older women than older men

Allegations of witchcraft tend to directed more o women thereby resulting g to being isolated, single , poor with all manner of sicknesses

Housing and Environment

  Older people require adequate shelter housing. However, they are often deprived of decent shelter due it social economic changes, superstition and belief.

Those affected most are the urban dwellers where environmental changes and infrastructural development do not take into account the needs of the older persons 

Majority of older persons in Africa live in rural areas commonly affected by the infamous rural urban migrations with their adverse effects impacting negatively o older persons. 

Older persons in urban slums always risk evictions  because slums are illegal settlements.

Land ownership by the older people does not go hands in hand with resources to improve housing and sanitation

Older people own land under customary tenure, without title deeds. This makes it easier to be manipulated.

Changing family structures are more evident I urban areas impacting negatively on older persons

Older people suffer in urban areas because their needs are excluded in infrastructure designs. 

Food and Nutrition


Food is a basic human right that affects people’s quality of life and their ability to contribute socially and economically to the family and society 

Unfortunately reviews on nutrition studies have only focused on the needs of under 5s and breast feeding mothers. Very little is known about the nutritional needs of older people 

Malnutrition is contributes to poor health of older people

Older people nutritional needs are commonly ignored due to physiological changes such as loss of teeth, changes in taste, digestion and mobility.

Social isolation decreases rate of food intake thereby resulting to further malnutrition.

Nutrition increases mortality and morbidity, reduced functional ability and this makes income generation and self care activities harder.

Nutrition training do not include specific needs of older people

In terms of food shortage, older people are deprived food, are discriminated against in food distribution patterns.

Older people have less access to food production means, excluded from credit facilities and agricultural programs

Land redistribution programs often exclude older people.

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